this will be the last post here - im moving!

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greater things have yet to come-


passion:: washington DC

im heading to DC in a few weeks, and i cant be more excited! i went to the regional in chicago and had an amazing, life changing experience. this time i am going with 2 of my co-worker/roomies and i cant wait for their faces to get blown/rocked/smashed off. i dont think they have any clue what is about to ensue.

i have another autographed chris tomlin drawing that im gonna put on ebay shortly...

i havent updated in a long time, and i cant promise i ever will again, but heres hoping :)

greater things have yet to come-


free eric voltz

His name is Eric Volz. He is a U.S. Citizen and has just been sentenced to 30 years in a Nicaraguan prison for crimes he did not commit. He was working as the publisher for El Puente Magazine in Nicaragua when he was accused, convicted, and sentenced for murder.

friends of eric voltz
eric voltz myspace


ebay auction & photos

its been a while since i posted the last picture of this... but i added Isaiah 26:8 at the top and i got chris to sign it... sold it on ebay... and raised $150 for the passion world tour!
and in other news... pictures from the milwaukee concert are up here


drawing again

here is my newest creation...

high-5 to anyone who can guess who that is



i know these arent concert pix, but since they are of third day i think its okay to put them here (and heck, this is my blog so i can do what i want!)
i wipped this up tonight and i am very pleased w/ the end result. what do you think?

i have to admit that the one of mark (above) is my favorite. it was the first one i did, and frankly speaking, its the best. perhaps i will sell it... i need the money! gimme your best offer! it is 12x12 and framed in a lovely black frame from wal-mart :)


3rd day 11th time

the night kicked off w/ hyper static union... good stuff

then david crowder band tore it up

and busted out the highly professional keytar and layed down a phat beat

third day time... UH-mazzzzzzzzzzzing!

replay of the cheesehead debut for mac. (that was my cheesehead thank you very much)

their very own third day lisence plate!
many good times were had... crowder was tons-o-fun... great sound... awesome lights... good dancing... brad talked (wow!)... horrible pic tossing skills from mac... and THEIF made another debut! awesome night! praise God!